Our mission is to create flovor packed, gluten-free cookies

made for everyone.
We believe that our customers’ satisfaction is just as
important as their health. We believe that allergen-friendly
treats shouldn’t sacrifice taste or texture. Our handcrafted
cookies are designed to both indulge and satisfy.


In 2012 Carolyn was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. As a cookie-lover, she spent years seeking out gluten-free cookie brands. Then, while waiting in line holiday shopping, she bought a gluten-free cookie that crumbled entirely after one bite. That’s when she realized there had to be another way.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Carolyn resolved to
design a cookie that was gluten-free, healthy, and tasty. This recipe led to the first Mightylicious cookie! Today, Mightylicious cookies are sold online and in-stores and the line has expanded from 3 flavors to seven, including two vegan options.

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